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Treating the cause ---- I agree with this article attached to this link. My philosophy as a medical student and a future doctor is learning how to treat the cause of the disease, rather than treating the symptoms. I will aim to treat the person as a whole rather than treating the symptoms temporary and treating parts of the body as just a part that operates on its own. Because parts of the human body are just like humans in society, we rarely operate on our own. Parts of our health and wellness comes from how well we interact with others in the society and whether we have a reliable, authentic and supportive network outside of ourselves. Humans are social creatures by nature. Similarly, when our emotional health is disturbed due to stress, lack of sleep, and etc., I believe that it can affect our physical health such as we don't heal as fast during the time we are emotionally stressed or when we are imbalanced. My job as a future doctor is to help my future patients find that balance, just not physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

For example, if someone comes to see me in my future practice for chronic headache and nausea, I would ask the patient a very good detailed history to assess whether the patient has been exposed to any toxins that could cause such symptoms or whether the patient has been in a car accident that could also cause such symptoms rather than give him/her pharmaceutical or even botanical medicine to help alleviate the symptoms right away. Why? Because deep down, I truly believe that symptoms are not something that we should be afraid of. Symptoms are one of our body's signals that can help us realize something is not right. Symptoms for me are just clues to help me find out what is truly going on inside the patient's body.


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