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Dr. Juntaphant is an in-network primary care physician with 


  •  Premera Blue Cross

  •  Regence

  •  LifeWise Health Plan of Washington 

  •  HMA


Dr. Juntaphant is an in-network specialist (naturopathic physician) with insurances such as:


Kaiser Permanente PPO

United Healthcare PPO plans only

We can help you figure out your insurance eligibility and benefit.

Call our office for help at (425) 494-5994. 

Plans accepted under Premera Blue Cross include:

  • AK Global

  • AK Heritage

  • AK Heritage Select

  • Heritage & Heritage Plus 1

  • Heritage Prime

  • Heritage Signature

  • Heritage Signature EPO

  • Foundation & Foundation Plus 1

  • Global

Plans accepted under LifeWise include:

  • LifeWise Connect (EPO)

  • LifeWise Health Plan of Washington Preferred

Dr. Juntaphant is an out-of-network provider with other insurance companies.

The fee for each office visit without insurance varies because it depends on the complexity of each case.


Fee for first office visit varies from 180-250

Fee for follow-up visit varies from 180-250

Please call (425) 494-5994 for an estimated fee of the office visit.

Note: Patients without insurance will be asked for payment at the time of their appointment. In addition, those with insurances that consider Dr. Juntaphant as an out-of-network provider will also have to make a full payment at the time of their appointment. 

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